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Welcome to Yogalife Germany!

Yoga has a long tradition in her family; thus she gained access to the intricacies of Asanas, Pranayam and Meditations early in her life, thanks to her travels and stays in various countries, she embodies an aura of Indian-ness, finely blended with the African patience, Western pragmatism and Eastern elegance. Anjuly is a certified Yoga teacher and a Life Balance Coach.

During her stays in Germany, Uganda, Tunisia, Syria and Burundi, she has not only developed a special understanding of human behavior, but also the cultural diversity and the uniqueness of each individual. She has a natural gift for reaching out to people beyond their lingual, geographical and cultural boundaries. She vibrates with positivity and confers the same energy to her clients with ease.

Besides being Yogacharya after her Yogalife Teacher Training Course, Anjuly is also a Reiki Master and meditator. She has not only mastered the traditional meditations of Yoga, but has also adapted Reiki, Chakra and Silva Mind Method practices. She comes from a teaching background and is extremely talented with imparting her knowledge fully and creatively. Anjuly is the backbone of the Yogalife Bonn TTC.

Anjuly believes that „Yoga is not about, how perfectly you can twist n turn your body, but about how easily you can connect to your soul“

To know more about Anjuly visit her website:

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